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HiTOPS on the Decision To Rescind Transgender Students’ Protection

It is appalling that the United States Departments of Justice and Education announced they are rescinding the guidance given to schools by the Obama Administration supporting transgender students’ use of restrooms and other single sex spaces.

HiTOPS is a youth serving organization that has worked collaboratively in many political environments throughout our history, and when actions by our leaders result in harm to our youth, we will not hesitate to stand and be heard. Last night’s decision endangers Trans Youth.

Trans Youth are more likely to face severe violence and discrimination at school than their peers, leading to a greatly increased risk of suicide and self-harm. And harm to one group of people, adversely harms us all. Now more than ever we need to work to ensure our school environments are gender, ethnic, and racially inclusive.

While rescinding the guidance is harmful in many respects to transgender students, it does not change years of established case law of protection under Title IX. HiTOPS encourages and supports all state-based legislatures and educators to continue to create safe and supportive educational environments for transgender students.

We are also strongly committed to supporting youth and families directly. Each month, Trans, Non-binary, and LGBTQ youth and family support groups meet the 1st and 3rd Saturday. Youth and families come together to process, advocate, and grow. These groups are open to all young people and families at no cost.

For schools, communities and other youth facing organizations that would like to learn more about how to comprehensive and inclusive policies, contact the HiTOPS team.

HiTOPS – 609-683-5155 extension 218
21 Wiggins St, Princeton, NJ 08540

If a transgender or non-binary identified student experiences discrimination at school, please contact any of these legal organizations for assistance:

  • National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) – nclrights.org
  • Transgender Law Center – transgenderlawcenter.org
  • GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) – glad.org
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – aclu.org
  • Lambda Legal – lambdalegal.org

For more information on HiTOPS programming, youth groups, and to support our work please visit hitops.org.