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Speaking truth and making a big difference

DAY 4 of #18DaysOfGratitude – Valerie Van Selous – HiTOPS Donor Relations Manager

“I was double major in economics & sociology. This guy in my class at graduation time was so excited to get a job at Frito-Lay, and I remember thinking, my god, I couldn’t imagine working for a big company like that… it just wouldn’t feel right, but I needed money.

So I started looking for work and ended up in an interview at Macy’s. One of their questions was, “why do you want to work here?”. I couldn’t lie. I just couldn’t think of an answer… so I continued looking for work and ended up at Princeton University.

It was really good. I liked being a part of education, I liked doing research, and I liked raising money and traveling places. I was happy with the university for many years, but eventually, I felt something was missing. Did I want to work playing a small part in something huge, or go someplace smaller, like here at HiTOPS, where everybody makes a big difference?

Is it a job? Yes, it’s still a job. But it’s a meaningful job, and I am proud to say what I do.

$500 pays for an entire month of LBGT support groups,
some kids come from as far as an hour away to attend.

All gifts in December are matched dollar for dollar up to $30,000