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#18DaysOfGratitude – Teen Council


It was cold and dreary… the kind of day you just might want to sleep in a little longer. But at 7 am, the HiTOPS Teen Council was already working hard on the final preparations for a workshop on HIV Prevention. They do a fair amount of these throughout the year, but this one was different. In an hour so, they’d be standing in front of a group of young men who, for one reason or another, have found themselves the Voorhees Youth Correctional Facility. An outside observer would notice they were nervous. Certainly, walking into “JUVEE” is walking into the unknown. But there was also a feeling of pressure and extra responsibility to do a good job. Incarcerated youth are disproportionately at risk for negative health outcomes, and this workshop was to let them know how HIV spreads, and give them strategies to make healthy decisions to protect themselves and their partners when they make their way in the real world.

#18DaysOfGratitude HiTOPS Teen Council. These high school seniors devote incredible time, energy and passion in service of others.

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