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Board does not mean boring!

#18DaysOfGratitude to the HiTOPS Board of Directors. We’re not just kissing up… we really mean it. They volunteer their time, much of which is behind the scenes, to help keep us focused squarely the mission, position and responsibility as the region’s only adolescent comprehensive sexual health organization. As you may be able to tell from...
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Now it its second year, HiTOPS is closing out the remaining days by celebrating #18DaysOfGratitude. Every day we will post something for which we are grateful, and hope it in turn inspires others to also consider the relationships and connections in their own lives. Why 18?  Why not? The Hebrew word for “life” is חי...
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Thanksgiving Weekend – No Groups

Just a reminder that Young Adult Spot (Y.A.S.) is not taking place today. The next support groups will meet on 12/2/17 (1st & 3rd, T-Connect). As the holiday season can be challenging for the LGBTQ+ community, please don’t hesitate to email melaniep@hitops.org for any needed support or resources.