HiTops Staff

Founded by nurse practitioners and health educators, HiTops’ collective expertise is in providing risk reduction education and health promotion to youth. HiTops has more than 25 years of experience innovating programmatic responses to adolescent health needs and promoting best practices in adolescent health for reducing risks and promoting positive youth development.

Everyone on HiTops’ staff believes in an adolescent’s ability to learn and make good decisions when given factual information in a non-judgmental way. We value prevention as cost-effective health strategy that averts problems before they begin and positively engages youth in their own healthcare.

Staff MemberTitleDepartment
Bill Schofield ext 215Interim Executive DirectorExecutive
Laura Fenster-Rothschild ext 218Director of Education/SASS Coordinator (interim)Education
Caitlin Bradley ext 217Teen Council CoordinatorEducation
Daniel Fernandez ext 234LGBTQ DirectorEducation
Susan Lembo ext 232Teen Council DirectorEducation
Steve Pitts ext 235Lead Health EducatorEducation
Jerry Coleman ext 233Finance & Operations ManagerOperations
Courtney Brettle ext 239Philanthropy ManagerDev/Marketing
Valerie Van Selous ext 241Donor Relations ManagerDev/Marketing