About Us

HiTOPS believes that everyone has the right to factual information about one’s health. Founded by nurse practitioners and health educators, HiTOPS collective expertise is based on 27 years of youth-focused healthcare provision and interaction.

Our health educators develop and implement curriculum that is medically accurate and age-appropriate. Each question is answered, without judgment, so that every teen or young adult will hear a message that is relevant and useful to them at a moment in their life when it matters to them.

Every day requests for help come from schools, juvenile detention centers, group homes, and family and youth service agencies in the areas including: 

 Body Image
 Cyber Bullying

 Homophobia Reduction
 Appreciating Differences
Sexual Harassment
Healthy Relationships

Safe Dates
Postponing Sexual Involvement
HIV Prevention
Pregnancy Prevention

HiTOPS wants every young person to feel connected and safe. By training adults and peer leaders, we help schools and other settings put “protective factors” in place that make adolescents less likely to engage in risk behaviors and change the culture to reduce bullying, harassment and assault.

By engaging youth around topics of their own health, a young person learns to develop habits of making decisions that support their health and future goals. The interventions that HiTOPS provides—resources, information, support—are proven to help teens and emerging young adults navigate their way safely through the developmental behaviors of risk-taking and experimentation so integral to growing and becoming independent adults.

In everything we do, we work to ensure every adolescent safe passage to healthy adulthood.