About Us

Vision and Impact

HiTOPS envisions a world in which youth have the resources they need to live healthy, responsible and empowered lives. HiTOPS’ intended impact is healthy, empowered youth who make health enhancing choices and avoid long-term negative health outcomes.

HiTOPS values prevention as a cost-effective health strategy that positively engages youth in their own healthcare. HiTOPS equally recognizes the strong influence of peers during adolescence, and as such, values inclusiveness and social connections as important factors affecting the health and well-being of young people.

  • Reduce rates of HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancy,
  • Reduce rates of intimate partner violence (including dating violence and sexual assault),
  • Reduce incidences of self-harm as well as physical assault and bullying, particularly of sexual minorities,
  • Create healthy, supportive social networks of peers and adults.
Theory of Change

If we provide accurate, unbiased information in a youth-friendly way, and cultivate positive social connections, then more youth will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to make informed choices which will lead to reduced risk behaviors and increased health enhancing decisions and ultimately healthy adults and a healthy community.

How HiTOPS is Unique

HiTOPS is the only health education center focusing exclusively on youth in New Jersey. Founded by nurse practitioners and health educators, HiTOPS’ collective expertise is in providing prevention and risk reduction education to adolescents and young adults. HiTOPS has 27 years of experience implementing a public health approach for teaching age-appropriate knowledge and skills for youth to make healthy decisions and avoid high risk behavior.